Accessing data - The WWARN Malaria Data Inventory

The WWARN Malaria Data Inventory is a list of antimalarial drug resistance clinical trial and molecular data that WWARN has currently available. The WWARN Malaria Data Inventory enables you to search and request access to WWARN-held data sets by using the related publication PubMed ID.

What does the inventory summarise?

  • The publication title
  • The PubMed ID (if available)
  • The way data access requests are reviewed (data access committee or contributor controlled)
  • The WWARN Study ID (SID). This is for internal use only.

What do I need to demonstrate to request access?

• I have a PhD and I am an early career researcher or beyond


• I can demonstrate that I am part of a group or team with the necessary skills to carry out the proposed research.

Who assesses my data requests?

Data requests can be submitted to WWARN at any time. Once we receive you data request form, the WWARN data management team will assess the feasibility of your request.

The data remains the property of the data contributor(s) and can either be accessed:

  1. Contributor control - CC - requests for data reviewed and approved by the data contributor(s)
  2. Data Access Committee Control - DAC -  the data contributor has delegated access decisions to be managed by the independent Malaria Data Access Committee (DAC)

What is the Malaria DAC and how does it function?

The Malaria Data Access Committee is an independent committee managed by the TDR (Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases) that reviews request for data on behalf of WWARN data contributors. TDR is hosted at the World Health Organization (WHO), and is sponsored by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the World Bank and WHO. The Malaria DAC reviews request for data on behalf of WWARN data contributors. Discover more about the DAC.

What data will be provided?

You will receive a standardised curated data set. Data associated with the listed publications and shared with WWARN are available to request. Please note that not all data presented in a particular publication are shared with WWARN and not all variables provided are curated into the WWARN data repository. WWARN extracts data for variables that are included in a data dictionary which will be shared with your data request files.

The WWARN Malaria Data Dictionary

Download the Data Dictionary – the file will be updated, please download the latest version when you start your analysis.

Please note these important considerations when reviewing the WWARN Data Dictionary:

  • Not every study contributed to WWARN collected all the variables listed in the Data Dictionary
  • In a publication, Data Contributors may have reported collecting data listed in the Data Dictionary, but may not have shared those variables with WWARN
  • Occasionally some studies contain data listed in the Data Dictionary that will require curation before release. The vast majority of data is already fully curated and this only happens for very old data sets or data that may have been shared incrementally. We will let you know after receiving your request if the data requires curation and the time this is expected to take.

How long will my request take to process?

The Malaria DAC will review and respond all requests for data within 2 months from receipt of the completed request form.

For contributor controlled data requests, WWARN will use your completed request form to contact the contributor on your behalf to request sharing the data.

Following approval of data sharing, WWARN will provide you with a response timeline to receive the curated data.If an application is not approved, you will be provided with feedback as soon as possible.

For more information - go to the WWARN Data inventory. Please read the WWARN Data Inventory Instructions carefully for further information on using the inventory (see Instructions tab on Data Inventory landing page).

If you are interested in sharing your data, please visit the Sharing Data website pages to discover the steps to upload. If you would like to understand how your data is then managed, visit the contributing data section.

The technical, governance and ethical framework for our data access strategy is being developed to promote access to data for research, while protecting the rights and privacy of the people and communities from which the data originate, and respecting the investment of the researchers who conducted the studies and collected the data.

Contact us at info [at] wwarn [dot] org with your questions.