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Submitting molecular data to WWARN

Our Molecular Group provides tools that summarise the prevalence of molecular markers for resistance to artemisinin, chloroquine, lumefantrine, amodiaquine and sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine and display the patterns of these markers by location and time to facilitate management and containment of antimalarial resistance. 

  • To overcome differences in study design, we request individual patient and sample data,
  • Data may come from clinical efficacy trials or molecular surveys (see Molecular Data Variables box for required molecular data),
  • The secure, online WWARN upload facility accepts any file format,
  • For assistance with file preparation or upload, contact molecular [at] wwarn [dot] org.


Required for each submitted dataset:

Optional for each submitted dataset:

  • Unique sample or patient identifier (anonymised)
  • Patient age (high priority, if available)
  • Sample collection date
  • Genotyped microsatellites in regions flanking resistance markers
  • Molecular resistance marker genotype(s) 
  • Complexity or multiplicity of infection
  • Origin of sample, Before treatment, day of recurrence, or day of recrudescence


  • Basic information on study site and design