WWARN Clinical Group

Submitting clinical data to WWARN

The efficacy of antimalarial drugs is a key factor when monitoring the emergence and spread of antimalarial resistance. Our Clinical Group is working to increase the extent and availability of clinical antimalarial drug efficacy data to provide policy makers with the evidence needed to improve drug treatment approaches for patients and slow the spread and emergence of antimalarial drug resistance.

    • Data sharing: secure, online  data centre which can accept data in any format
    • Individual patient-level data is requested, ideally from studies following patients for a minimum 28 days post-treatment.
    • Datasets from antimalarial drug efficacy, or routine surveillance— ideally the same cleaned datasets that were used for statistical analysis 
    • Data contributions should be accompanied by a data dictionary explaining the variables and coding (see Clinical Data Variables box for variables required at each submission)
    • Submitted variables are used to produce core variables defining efficacy outcomes according to the WHO Treatment Guidelines for the assessment and monitoring of antimalarial drug efficacy (see WWARN Core Variables box below)
    • File preparation for curation such as files with patients’ data, protocols, dosing regimens etc.: for assistance contact clinical [at] wwarn [dot] org

    Clinical Data Variables

    Required for each submitted dataset:

    WWARN Core Variables

    For efficacy estimation by survival analysis:


    Unique patient identifier (anonymised)


    Initial Plasmodium species of infection

    Date of inclusion and days/dates of follow up 


    Plasmodium species on last day of follow up

    Treatment and dose received


    Last day of follow up

    Patient age or date of birth


    Derived outcome

    Parasitaemia and species: on Day 0 (before treatment) and during follow up


    PCR genotyping result

    Temperature: on Day 0 and during follow up


    Initial Plasmodium species of infection

    PCR genotyping: result, if available


    Plasmodium species on last day of follow up

    Basic information on study site and design



    For more information on submitting clinical data to the WWARN Data Centre or collaborating with the Clinical Group, please email clinical [at] wwarn [dot] org