WWARN Clinical Group

Clinical Scientific Group

The efficacy of antimalarial drugs is a key factor when monitoring the emergence and spread of antimalarial resistance. Our Clinical Group is working to increase the extent and availability of clinical antimalarial drug efficacy data to provide policy makers with the evidence needed to improve drug treatment approaches for patients and slow the spread and emergence of antimalarial drug resistance.

Goals of the group

  • Provide training support to increase scientific capacity in endemic countries
  • Provide reliable evidence of antimalarial drug efficacy to inform public health and patient treatment policy
  • Coordinates pooled analyses of clinical data to increase the power of detecting trends in clinical efficacy and relevant contributing factors
  • Provide data standardisation and analysis services for data contributors
  • The Data Management & Analysis Report (P. falciparum or P. vivax) incorporates a summary of data curation and in-depth analysis of treatment efficacy presented as tables and graphs suitable for use in research publications
  • Prepare a summary report (P. falciparum or P. vivax)
  • Provide a patient book that summarises patient data (one page per patient). Automated data upload, transformation and analysis is described in the Clinical Data Management & Statistical Analysis Plan

Encouraging quality-assured data collection

  • Procedures: step-by-step methods for conducting tests, for recording clinical observations used to investigate patient and parasite responses to malaria drugs, and for data collection
  • Online courses: short courses related to conducting high-quality clinical trials

Filling the research gaps

  • Parasite Clearance Estimator: an accurate, consistent method to estimate the rate at which peripheral parasitaemia declines after treatment, an increasingly important measure of antimalarial drug efficacy 

For more information on how to submit data to the WWARN Data Centre, to join an existing Study Group, or establish a new Study Group, please contact clinical [at] wwarn [dot] org