Many countries have insufficient clinical trial data and funding to reveal the full picture of the efficacy of antimalarial medicines. This is a key challenge when trying to fight malaria drug resistance.

The WWARN Explorer is a mapping tool that is helping to identify the gaps in clinical trial data. The Explorer allows you to visualise results of trial data from antimalarial resistance studies in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania stored in the secure WWARN Data Centre.

The Explorer tool displays a selection of Plasmodium falciparum clinical and pharmacology studies held in the WWARN repositories. WWARN hosts a wide range of additional data such as molecular, vivax, mixed infeciton, primaquine and malaria in pregnancy datasets.

The Explorer

  •  Links standardised data into an interactive mapping application
  •  Displays data from 198 clinical studies and 19 pharmacology studies.
  •  Presents data analyses based on individual patient data, thus enabling outputs from different studies across the world to be compared with greater confidence than is possible when comparisons are based on aggregated results from publications
  •  Allows you to perform custom searches of a large number of studies and view summary results
  • Enables you to filter results by type of study, country, time range and antimalarial drug(s)

Help us improve the tool  

The WWARN Explorer is being developed continually. Look for the 'Explanation & Feedback' links in the map tool to provide feedback, or email: explorer [dot] feedback [at] wwarn [dot] org with your suggestions.



Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO) (2012): WWARN Explorer. Infectious Diseases Data Observatory. (InteractiveResource).