Molecular Surveyor dhfr-dhps - User Guide

WWARN Molecular Surveyor

Use this tool to visualise data from hundreds of publications examining molecular markers for drug resistance in malaria parasites.

Navigating WWARN Molecular Surveyor

The information on WWARN Molecular Surveyor is viewed after selecting an antimalarial and/or resistance marker.   

Selecting antimalarial(s) & resistance markers

Different colour markers are used to locate individual studies on the map. Each colour relates to the percentage of the data set found to exhibit a resistance marker.   

Selecting data

Select from three antimalarials or view any drug. Studies may include data relating to more than one antimalarial.  

Resistance markers
Select from eleven molecular markers of resistance. A description of the chosen marker is displayed below the map, with references. Studies may include data from more than one resistance marker.  

Filtering data

The time slider allows users to display studies performed during a particular time period, for example 1985-2010. Only studies performed during the selected time period will be visible.

Sample size
The sample size slider allows users to display studies within a specific range, for example –> 50  samples.

Investigating a study

Hover the cursor over a map marker to view the year of sample collection and number of samples tested. Click on the map marker to view the study site and number of samples exhibiting a resistance marker. Click on the author’s name to view the associated publication.