WWARN Informatics Team


The availability of timely, quality-assured and easily accessible information is central to preventing or slowing the spread of malaria drug resistance. The Informatics team is responsible for the technical development and implementation of tools and systems designed to facilitate the storage, standardisation and analysis of clinical trial and antimalarial quality data pertaining to antimalarial resistance.

The WWARN Informatics Team manage data by transforming data sets into a common format which allows WWARN Study Group participants to pose important research questions and undertake large-scale pooled analyses to identify important trends or gaps in information. The Informatics team develops and maintains software that:

  • Accepts data in any file format and transforms the data into a standard format and stores this in a relational database
  • Provides a secure, data repository containing  standardised patient level and study level data (WWARN is a recognised re3data repository.)
  • Performs data analysis, on the standardised data, producing outcomes in a consistent way across all studies
  • Maintains an audit trail of all data management, transformation and analysis processes
  • Creates a set of automated study reports for each study

Filling the research gaps

  • Parasite Clearance Estimator: an accurate, consistent method of clearance rate estimation, the rate at which parasitaemia declines and an important measure of drug efficacy
  • In Vitro Analysis and Reporting Tool (IVART): automated web-based system for transforming and analysing (using an algorithm based on the INSERM-developed ICEstimator), and producing comprehensive reports on datasets large and small. IVART generates standardised reproducible IC50 estimates and can quickly process large batches of in vitro data.

Data Visualisation Tools

  • WWARN Explorer: online, interactive visualisation tool allows users to customise and filter study summary data by drug, geographic region, parasite species, time and data type
  • WWARN Molecular Surveyor: an interactive map summarising the location and incidence of molecular markers of chloroquine, amodiaquine and lumefantrine resistance in Plasmodium falciparum pfcrt and pfmdr1 genes compiled from published and unpublished data
  • Antimalarial Quality Surveyor: will tabulate and map reports of antimalarial quality with summary data for individual surveys

To find out more about our Informatics activities, email: info [at] wwarn [dot] org