Using photography to depict problem of malaria in Asia

23 March 2017

The Asia Malaria Images project and exhibition aims to portray those affected most by malaria living in rural settings through photography.

Singaporean photographer, Pearl Gan, has partnered up with the Oxford Clinical Research Unit, Vietnam, the Eijkman Oxford Clinical Research Unit, Jakarta and the Wellcome Trust, London to develop a series of images that document the world and journey of those suffering from malaria. This exhibition bridges patients, their immediate families, community care providers, and their origins in rural malaria endemic settings across Asia.

This project gives visibility to the people and their malaria burden through emotional and expressive imagery of them and their environment. The exhibition in Singapore will run from 2 to 29 Sept 2017 at the National Library Singapore.

For further information see the Asia Malaria Images website or visit their Facebook page.