Docteur Marcus Lacerda

Membre du comité consultatif scientifique, The Centro de Pesquisas Leônidas e Maria Deane (FIOCRUZ)

Marcus Lacerda coordinates the International Clinical Malaria Research Center (CIPCliM) in Manaus, Brazil and is currently the Director of Research of the FMT-HVD. Dr. Lacerda graduated in Medicine from the University of Brasilia in 1999 and completed his PhD in Tropical Medicine from the University of Brasilia in partnership with the University of New York in 2007. Dr Lacerda's current area of interest is malaria and other parasitic diseases. He is currently the President of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine and also a member of the Technical Advisory Committee of the National Malaria Control Programme and subcommittee of Malaria Therapy, from the Brazilian Ministry of Health. He is also active among initiatives involved in malaria elimination in the region, such as the malERA and the Mesoamerica programmes.