Falsified and substandard antimalarial medicines pose an immediate danger to vulnerable populations and could increase the threat of malaria drug resistance emerging and spreading. The major challenge in preventing the spread and distribution of poor quality medicines is the lack of accessible and reliable information on prevalence of poor quality medicines.

The Antimalarial Quality (AQ) Surveyor helps to respond to some of the critical gaps in information. This mapping tool delivers customised summaries of published reports of antimalarial medicine quality across regions and over time. 

The Antimalarial Quality Surveyor

  • Includes published data describing the quality of malaria medicines
  • Provides customised summaries of antimalarial quality reports describing the quality of malaria medicines, techniques, assays and sampling – over time and location
  • Filters studies according to medicine, report type, collection type, medicine source and quality classification
  • Supports the effort of national and international organisations working to provide malaria patients with quality-assured, effective medicines

The tool is now available in French - voir le Antimalarial Quality Surveyor en français.

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For more information about contributing antimalarial quality data to WWARN or helping us to improve the AQ Surveyor, please email medicinequality [at] wwarn [dot] org