Study Groups

WWARN facilitates several collaborative Study Groups to undertake individual patient meta-analyses of data in the WWARN Malaria Data Inventory. The groups work across disciplines to answer specific research questions related to malaria drug resistance and drug efficacy. 

Gathering and analysing individual patient data from multiple studies increases sample sizes, so that trends or sub-population effects can be identified with greater certainty. We work with partners to combine data from different regions and populations to improve our understanding of resistance and strengthen efforts to control and eventually eliminate malaria. See our list of active and published Study Groups.

Professor Carol Sibley
Co-founder and Senior Scientific Adviser of WWARN, Professor of Genome Sciences
University of Washington, USA
Dr Elizabeth Allen
Head of IDDO Southern African Regional Centre
Dr Frank Kagoro
PhD Student
Professor Joel Tarning
Head of WWARN Pharmacometric Modelling
Professor Karen Barnes
Head of the WWARN Pharmacology and Elimination
Dr Kasia Stepniewska
Head of Statistics
Dr Magatte Ndiaye
Scientific Coordinator of the West African Regional Centre
University Cheikh Anta Diop
Dr Makoto Saito
WWARN scientist
Dr Paul Sondo
EDCTP/TDR fellow
Clinical Research Unit of Nanora
Dr Prabin Dahal
Senior Statistician
Professor Ric Price
Head of Clinical Group
Dr Rob Commons
WWARN Postdoctoral Researcher (ARC-A)