Staff Directory

WWARN brings together a broad range of expertise from across the global research community. 

Professor Julie Simpson
Senior Methodology Advisor
Kalynn Kennon
Head of Data Engineering
Professor Karen Barnes
Head of the WWARN Pharmacology Group & Southern African Regional Centre
Dr Kasia Stepniewska
Head of Statistics
Laura Merson
Associate Director
Dr Lucy Okell
Lecturer / Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin fellow
Imperial College London
Dr Magatte Ndiaye
Scientific Coordinator of the West African Regional Centre
University Cheikh Anta Diop
Dr Mehul Dhorda
Head of Asia Regional Centre of WWARN / IDDO
Nitima Chanarat
Laboratory Technician
Pak Sadomthian
QA/QC Technician
Dr Paul Sondo
EDCTP/TDR fellow
Clinical Research Unit of Nanora
Professor Paul Newton
Head of Medicine Quality Group
Paul Storey
Senior Software Developer
Paula Feery
Head of Communications
Penda Touré
Administration assistant
Dr Prabin Dahal
Post-doctoral researcher
Ranitha Vongpromek
Liaison Scientist, Asia Region