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Scientific Groups

Our scientific work is delivered through groups, each of which focuses on one of the complementary aspects of antimalarial resistance. Our groups work collaboratively and across disciplines.

Five scientific groups, located in centres of excellence around the world, offer a platform for collaborative research into the understanding, identification and spread of malaria drug resistance – clinical, pharmacology, in vitro, molecular and medicine quality. Each group specialises in different aspects of malaria drug resistance and works collaboratively to develop research analysis, customised tools and services designed to facilitate quality-assured data collection, analysis and reporting.

Dr Benoit Witkowski
Head of the In Vitro Group
Professor Carol Sibley
Co-founder and Senior Scientific Adviser of WWARN, Professor of Genome Sciences
University of Washington, USA
Dr Céline Caillet
Scientific Coordinator of the Antimalarial Quality Group
Professor Feiko ter Kuile
Head of Malaria in Pregnancy Scientific Group
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Hazel Ashurst
Data Manager
Dr Jenny Hill
Senior Programme Manager
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Professor Joel Tarning
Head of Pharmacometrics
Dr Junjie Ding
Postdoctoral Pharmacometrician
Professor Karen Barnes
Head of the WWARN Pharmacology Group & Southern African Regional Centre
Dr Kasia Stepniewska
Head of Statistics
Laura Merson
Associate Director
Dr Mehul Dhorda
Head of Asia Regional Centre of WWARN / IDDO
Professor Paul Newton
Head of Medicine Quality Group
Dr Prabin Dahal
Post-doctoral researcher
Dr Rashid Mansoor
Professor Ric Price
Head of Clinical Group