Scientific Advisory Committee

Our Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) advises on technical and research activities. Appointed from across the malaria and broader scientific research community, SAC members have significant expertise in the discipline of each of WWARN’s Scientific Groups.

Scientific Advisory Commitee (SAC) members provide advice on specific scientific priorities and approaches; they help us to ensure a useful balance and scope of scientific activities, and they support us to promote collaboration with other organisations that are relevant to WWARN’s work.

The SAC meets up twice each year – usually once in person and a second time either in person or virtually in conjunction with an international scientific conference, such as the ASTMH in the USA. In addition to these meetings SAC members often support sub-committees or working groups for specific research projects.

Professor Arjen Dondorp
Head of Malaria Research
Mahidol Oxford Research Unit (MORU), Thailand
Professor Bernhards Ogutu
Chief Research Officer
The Kenya Medical Research Institute, KEMRI, Kenya
Professor Carol Sibley
Co-founder and Senior Scientific Adviser of WWARN, Professor of Genome Sciences
University of Washington, USA
Dr Corine Karema
Malaria Senior Programme Officer
African Leaders Malaria Alliance
George Jagoe
Executive Vice President, Access & Product Management
Medicines for Malaria Venture, MMV, Geneva, Switzerland
Professor Halidou Tinto
Institute of Research in Health Sciences, IRSS, Burkina Faso
Professor Jonathan Juliano
Associate Professor of Medicine
University of North Carolina School of Medicine, USA
Professor Leon Aarons
Professor in Manchester Pharmacy School
University of Manchester, UK
Professor Philip Rosenthal
Professor of Medicine
UCSF School of Medicine, USA