Rebekah Burrow

Data Manager

Rebekah Burrow joined IDDO in May 2017 as Data Manager. She works on the management and transformation of the diverse data sets that are submitted to WWARN and ensures the completeness and accuracy of the data in the WWARN data repository. Prior to joining IDDO Rebekah worked as a Data Manager on the STREAM tuberculosis trials at the MRC CTU at UCL. She has also worked as a molecular biologist at St. George’s, University of London and at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, focusing on antimalarial resistance, diagnostics in malaria, and an ebola vaccine trial. She has a BSc in Medical Genetics from the University of Leicester and is working towards an MSc in Evidence-based Health Care at the University of Oxford.

Rebekah is currently on maternity leave until September 2019, we are pleased to have Caitlin Richmond covering her maternity leave.