Professor Mahamadou A Thera

Data Access Committee member, University of Bamako, Mali

Prof Mahamadou A Thera, MD, MPH, PhD, is the Scientific Director of the Bandiagara Malaria Project (BMP) at the Malaria Research and Training (MRTC) of the University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies of Bamako, in Mali. He leads the Malaria Vaccine Clinical Development Unit, under the leadership of Prof. Ogobara Doumbo. He is also Professor of Parasitology-Mycology at the Faculty of Medicine and Odonto-Stomatology of Bamako.

He was principal investigator of several clinical trials that assessed blood-stage malaria vaccine candidates and malaria drugs. His group established for the first time, proof of concept of the allele specific protective efficacy of a blood-stage malaria vaccine against clinical malaria in a malaria endemic country. Prof Thera also directed several epidemiological studies of malaria in Mali. He is member of several scientific advisory committees including the WHO advisory body for malaria vaccines MALVAC and JTEG, the European Vaccine Initiative Scientific Advisory Committee (EVI-SAC), the West African Health Research Network (WAHRNET) advisory board. Prof Thera also serves on the DSMB of several clinical trials of vaccines against malaria and a vaccine against Ebola virus disease. He has co-authored 77 manuscripts indexed in PubMed.

Prof Thera holds a MD from the Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy of Jassy, (Romania, 1986), a MPH from University of Bamako (Mali, 1996), a MSc in Biostatistics and Conduct of Clinical Trials from University of Paris 6 (France, 2003) and PhD in Parasitology-Mycology from University of Bamako (Mali, 2015). Prof Thera was the first Fellow of the WHO/TDR Clinical Research and Development Fellowship, initially supported by GSK and TDR. This fellowship turned into a very successful capacity building program in Clinical research and product development for developing countries, thanks to recent substantial funding received from the BMGF and EDCTP.

Prof Thera’s areas of expertise include malaria epidemiology, malaria pathogenesis, clinical trials, product clinical research and development, ethics, parasitic diseases.