Governance & People

WWARN brings together a broad range of expertise from across the global research community.

Our core team is comprised of a Secretariat, multiple Scientific Groups and four Regional Centres in Asia, Africa and Australia.The network is connected to the broader research community through our Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), Study Groups and collaborative projects to develop Tools & Resources. Our network of partners support and guide our work and research findings.

Our programmes and activities are governed by a Board of Directors. Members are drawn from malaria endemic regions, academia and the public health sector, and are selected based on their international standing and expertise.

WWARN’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) advises on all technical and research activities. Appointed from across the malaria and broader scientific research community, SAC members have significant expertise in the discipline of each of WWARN’s Scientific Groups.

The IDDO Data Access Committee (DAC) is an independent committee that make decisions on access to data including malaria, on behalf of data contributors who have elected DAC permission. 

The Board and SAC gather twice a year to provide guidance on our strategic direction and the operational goals of our Network.