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Short, e-learning training courses cover every step in how to plan, run, analyse and report a clinical study. The courses, each taking about 45 minutes, are free and relevant to many diseases and locations, from field study sites to major hospitals. Materials are carefully researched, content is peer reviewed and updated to ensure it is up-to-date and of a high standard. 


I want a certificate in GCP

I want certificate in GCP Please

Quiz of GCP

Edit my profile please


As all these online courses are freely available you should be able to repeat the quiz. You should be able to retake the course/test, but you may need to register with the Global Health Network first (if you have not done so already). Here is the link: https://globalhealthtrainingcentre.tghn.org/elearning/short-courses/

Please let me know if you have any problems.

Many thanks,


Please we have problem of electicity

I resubmitted a coarse .Kindly sent my certificate

Dear Andrew,

According to our records, you have completed the course ‘Basic Malaria Microscopy - Part 1’, congratulations! You will need to complete all five modules to receive a certificate of completion - https://globalhealthtrainingcentre.tghn.org/elearning/basic-malaria-microscopy/

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