Malaria Clinical Trials Toolkit (French)

The Malaria Clinical Trials Toolkit is full of resources to guide researchers at every step of the malaria clinical trial pathway. It helps researchers collect reliable and comprehensive evidence and assists them in the design, execution and interpretation of clinical trials.

We encourage you to use our tools and resources, all we ask is that you follow Our use of tools and resources.

The Toolkit outlines the different components on how to design and run a malaria clinical trial. Click on each component below to find out more and access various resources related to each stage of the pathway. You can navigate easily around the Toolkit allowing researchers setting up clinical trials to follow the steps chronologically or specialists to jump straight to the step specific to their work.

Toolkit stages FR

Question de recherche

Define a question

Develop protocol/proposal

Identify a sponsor

Identify a funder


La section « Planifier » de WWARN fournit des ressources spécifiquement adaptées à la planification d’une étude clinique de recherche sur le paludisme.

Risk assessment

Set up trial monitoring & management committees

Data management plan

Trial registration

Ethical approval


WWARN offre gratuitement une boite à outils, de ressources et de formations qui contribuent à la bonne mise en place de vos essais cliniques

Site preparation & engagement

Informed consent

Recruitment & retention

Progress & safety reporting

Study monitoring


WWARN offre d'outils et de ressources qui aident à analyser les données de résistance aux antipaludiques.

Statistical analysis plan

Interim analysis plan


WWARN offre toute une gamme de services qui aident à développer un rapport récapitulatif basé sur les données de l'essai

Trial summary report


Fin des procès

Close up monitoring visit

Archiving of data & samples