Leptospira spp

Bacteria of the genus Leptospira cause leptospirosis, a zoonotic disease most commonly spread via water contaminated with urine from infected animals. Human disease varies from mild, flu-like illness to serious disease. Although Leptospirosis can occur worldwide, it is most common in urban slum areas, where there is inadequate sewage disposal and water treatment. 

The map shows study sites in the Mekong region where Leptospira spp. were reported in one or more of the 146 published studies reviewed during the pilot study.

Guide to using maps:

The colour of a map marker indicates the percentage of samples found to be positive for the identified bacterium or virus. For example, a purple marker indicates no positive cases found; a red marker indicates that more than 30% samples were positive.

Click on a map marker to view basic descriptive data including study type, frequency of a positive result and the study citation.

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